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We are Masters and families of the Japanese culture with a history of more than 650 years, offering unique venues to experiment and witness the beauty of Japan


Organize your next event in Japan in a private and traditional Noh theatre in the Center of Toyko!

We are traditional culture families in Tokyo, specifically for Noh theatre as Grand Master of a Noh family for more than 650 years through 20 generations. We offer private events and experiences in our theatre in Central Tokyo.



We Offer:

– Short performance adapted to a foreign audience. We have experience
performing in Vatican, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Italy every year for
high level cultural events
– Buffet, finger food, coffee break
– Hands on experiences to try costumes, masks, go on the stage and backstage with Noh masters

– Team building experiences

Interests in themes like:
– spirituality (Noh plays related to Gods as a major subject, which can also be linked to meditation),
– fashion (costumes),
– craft (masks),
– dance (the famous “Mai” and all its codes),
– music (the small drums and flute, rhythm in Noh plays),
– architecture (the theatre as a sacred place itself and piece of architecture)
– singing.. (specific technique with/without masks to sing and Noh singing specificities)
– stories adapted from the absorption of foreign cultures
along the Silk Road with several themes (Gods, women, trade, Folklore, Old men, etc.)



With a 600-year history, noh is a symbolic form of theater adapted from
Japanese traditional literature. Originally performed for the shogun
(the military ruling class) and nobility, it has over the centuries
become a more popularized form of entertainment.

Noh is a striking blend of traditional carved masks (omote), elaborate
brocade costumes, and instruments, in which the main actors (shité),
secondary actors (waki), musicians and chorus are perfectly
synchronized. A key feature is the main actor, who wears an iconic mask
representing his character, and who through symbolic and highly stylized
 movements expresses an elegant beauty and a deep feeling of humanity.

The noh theater, or Nogaku-do, is an austere yet dignified space, with a
 stage designed around specific historical elements that heighten the
experience of the traditional performance.

As one of the oldest surviving forms of theater in the world today, noh
has been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO,
recognized as a classical form of Japanese dance and musical theater.


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