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Managing Australian Destinations_x000D_
is a full-service destination_x000D_
management company providing a_x000D_
range of Ground Management,_x000D_
Event Production Services_x000D_
and Teambuilding for group_x000D_
movements around Australia._x000D_
A multi award winner, Managing_x000D_
Australian Destinations has a_x000D_
commitment to the environment_x000D_
and promotes the use of suppliers_x000D_
that are ecologically sensitive, and_x000D_
activities that heighten awareness_x000D_
of the natural wonders of the area._x000D_
This culminatedin winning the European_x000D_
Incentive & Business Travel Marts_x000D_
International Award for the most_x000D_
environmentally conscious Destination_x000D_
Management company.

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