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Geneva nestles like a sparkling jewel on the shores of Lake Geneva...


Geneva nestles like a sparkling jewel on the shores of Lake Geneva. Here everything exudes luxury, quality, elegance and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The place is buzzing with people from all corners of the world. The city has excellent restaurants, exclusive shops, beautiful parks, a vibrant cultural life and interesting museums. A practical aspect is that Geneva is geographically quite small. You can wander around the town in an hour, and it is easy to go on quick one-day excursions to the idyllic surroundings.

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Jumeirah Group has expanded its presence in Europe with the acquisition of luxury property Le Richemond. The Art Deco property was founded in 1875 ...

22 October 2018
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In 2 Events Project Manager, Rebecca Clark was recently invited to explore Geneva for the first time with Switzerland Convention & Incentive Burea...

22 October 2018
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Essential Information

Currency Swiss Franc (CHF) 1 = 100 Rappen
Population 196,257
Newspaper Le Temps, Tribune de Genève, Le Matin, 24 Heures, Magasine L´Hebdo
Opening Hours The normal opening hours for shops in Geneva are 8.30am-7pm on weekdays. Most shops close for lunch between 12pm-2pm.
Emergency Number European SOS: 112,Ambulance: 144,Police: 117,Fire Brigade: 118
Electricity 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Tourist Information Tourist Information Center Rue du Mont-Blanc 18, Geneva Open Mon 10am-6pm. Tue-Sat 9am-6pm.

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